A Winter Visit to the Wakodahatchee Wetlands

It was a cloudless sky when I drove up to the preserve. The Wakodahatchee Wetlands are located in Delray Beach, Florida, on 50 acres of utility land. The area was transformed into a wetlands with public access over a three-quarter mile boardwalk that crosses water, marshes, shallows and small nesting islands. There are gazebos with benches and plenty of wildlife offering a great way to observe birds in their natural habitats.

The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department’s operates a Water Reclamation Facility that pumps approximately two million gallons of highly treated water through the Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

Flying Great Blue Heron

IMG_9701Great Blue Herons - CourtingGreat Blue Herons - CourtingGreat Blue Herons

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue HeronIMG_9788IMG_9601

Great Blue Heron

IMG_9608Great Blue Heron CoupleGreat Blue Heron
Warming upWarming upI don't know...

Great White Egret