Cement Pavers Must be Sealed to Prevent Fading

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Coating pavers versus sealing – our unique, clear, coating process is 3-5x more durable than common sealers. This can be used to protect limestone, sealing of granite, sealing of travertine, sealing of blue stone, sealing protection for stamped concrete. Our coating process can also be applied to the entire surface to seal ceramic tile & grout, seal porcelain tiles. Our coating process is designed to Preserve, Protect and Prolong your asset life cycle by extending the life expectancy of your property, plus contribute to the ease of maintenance of these surfaces, thereby reducing cleaning costs and preserving the surface material.

Before the unique dyeing & sealing process

Cement Pavers Must be Sealed to Prevent Fading - Before treatment Cement Pavers Must be Sealed to Prevent Fading - Before treatment

After the unique dyeing & sealing process

Cement Pavers Must be Sealed to Prevent Fading - after treatmentCement Pavers Must be Sealed to Prevent Fading - after treatment

Pavers that are not sealed annually will fade. Typically it only takes 5-7 years before they will show very noticeable signs of lost color. Most people don’t realize this until it’s too late. In the past, the only thing available to restore faded pavers, would be to STAIN the pavers. Staining paver amounts to PAINTING pavers. The previous solution of staining pavers results in an un-natural painted look, the surface is slippery, and typically does not last long, especially vehicular pavers as the paint will lift with hot tires.

We have to promote our process as ‘staining’, for the search engines. However, our process is a unique paver dyeing process. You’ve seen painted sidewalks that require constant re-painting or re-staining. Staining pavers is the same as painting a sidewalk, which is why we developed our paver dyeing process. Our process penetrates into the faded paver for long lasting results. Consider having to SEAL pavers every year. We’re seeing results of 5+ years with our patented paver dyeing process.

For this reason, we have developed a DYEING process to restore faded pavers. National Sealing is the largest paver sealing Co in the US and mobilizes across the US and abroad with our patented Paver DYEING Process. Our process not only restores badly faded pavers to give new life, but also seals and protects from further fading & staining.

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Coloring / Staining Brick Pavers by National Sealing Co

NationalSealing-Paver-Sealing We have developed a unique staining brick pavers process, that we call a coloring brick paver process. If the question of how to stain concrete or cement coloring has come up, we can now actually re-color brick pavers. The results of this unique formula rejuvenates and restores tired, faded brick pavers.

This is not just a concrete stain or a painting process that results in a slippery and uniformed, unsightly look, but rather, allows the personality of the original pavers (or what is left from fading) to show through. Even brick pavers that have a medly of colors can be treated

Brick pavers must be maintained and sealed on a regular basis to not only protect from obvious staining, but what might not be obvious to most is the gradual fading that relegates brick pavers to the point of no return.

The goal was to RESTORE the pavers, or come as close as we could to a natural look. We wanted to avoid the STAINED or PAINTED look which would render an unnatural look, and an ongoing maintenance issue. For vehicular applications staining and painting tend to ‘lift’ with hot tires. Our dye penetrates the porous pavers.

For pavers with hues of various colors, the very small molecules in the dye combined with our customized application process will allow the various colors to still show.

Coloring / Staining Brick Pavers by National Sealing Co

Restored Staining for the Brick Pavers - National Sealing Co

Our crews are can mobilize to anywhere in the U.S. for applications to stain concrete or color brick pavers. This is an applied process.

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