Poor Customer Service – purewaterpro.com

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters are great to use and can be a little expensive to buy. Keeping the filters clean and replaced is essential to maintaining a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

I tried to call the company, purewaterpro.com, that installed my water filter two years ago to replaced several of the water filters this past week and again today – I was truly surprised by the poor customer service and what was said to me.

I called purewaterpro.com a week ago to schedule a filter replacement, I was headed out to a short vacation but wanted to schedule an appointment to replacement my filters when I got back. I called again today to get schedule an appointment, again I got voice mail so I left  a message. I decided to call back an hour or so later because I would not be able to talk again due to appointments,  The owner, Craig answered the phone then proceeded to give a lecture “that he is not a doctor’s office, that it’s only a filter”, then I started to talk further about contacting someone else and he hung up.

Well in today’s world of business – you do not do that, unless you plan to go out of business.  This is a perfect example of what not to do with clients, because he was not interested in my business. It was like I was disturbing him with my phone call. If he only took the time to make a quick call back to me to say – “Hi Mr Smith, I am tied up but will schedule your replacement filter next week” – I would be fine, but he decided to chastise me for calling too many times, because he decided he was going to call when he was ready and then to make his statement, that it’s “only a filter” was ridiculous.  I do care about my family and I do care that they drink clean water. So it is that important to me!

I think he should reread his website (and of course correct his typo’s), taken from his website:

“We are currently updating under-sink and whole house Water Filters in your area at this time. Please call now to set up an appointment. Thank you.

Are you looking for a company that will be around when it’s time for your filters to be changed? Since 1983 Pure Water Pro has built our reputation from our service and have estabilished ourselves as the company with the best deals  in regards to product, warranty, service and price.“

“It’s our goal  to make sure our customers are completley happy, you’ll never have to look for another water company again.”

It is obvious he is not the person I want to do business with anymore, so think about how you are treated – customer service is key in today’s world of business.