Restoring Bleached Pavers

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Bleached and Acid Washed Pavers to the point of discoloration

Restoring Bleached Pavers, Tampa, FL

Pavers that had been bleached + acid washed needed rejuvenation

A contractor had bleached and acid washed pavers to the point of discoloration. This basically ruined the pavers as they were blotchy and looked older than they actually were. Our solution was to re-dye the washed out pavers with our patented dyeing process.

National Sealing Co is the largest paver sealer in the country with over 2M square feet of pavers protected. We recognized a need to develop a coloring or dyeing process for pavers that had lost their color for various reasons.

We have developed a penetrating dyeing process or coloring process to faded pavers. We match the original dyes used to color the pavers and can apply our process while keeping the personality of the various medley of colors intact.

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Half Restored Pavers

The result is an attractive, restored paver for much less than it would cost to replace.

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