Paver Sealing Services in South Florida


We are the largest paver sealing company in the US with over 2 million square feet of sealed surfaces.

We specialize in the commercial market where conveying a well maintained image is important in areas with high traffic.

We have had great success with condominiums, hotels, airports, stadiums, office buildings, and municipalities, in preserving the investments the owners have made in those facilities.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, we have trained applicators that mobilize to any location across the country and international.

Our paver COATING product utilizes technology originally developed by NASA. IT IS NOT a conventional paver SEALER that is poured out of a container and applied. As you may know, the drawbacks to paver sealers and impregnators are that they cure below the surface. Although the paver is sealed, the surface shows wear and stains in as little as 30 days.

Traditional ‘sealers’ have to be re-applied approximately every year due to breakdown from UV rays. Plus traditional sealers will still allow oils to stain the surface. With our paver coating product, it’s applied once and is permanently COATED!

Our paver coating product is produced by using three separate components combined, and through a catalytic process, creates a material that has a chemically impenetrable makeup!

The paver coating bonds to the substrate by both mechanical and chemical process. The chemical process involves sharing an electron with the substrate molecules, becoming one with the substrate material forming a chemically changed substrate.

This inorganic paver coating product will not support the growth of mold or mildew, making it perfect for porous materials in the South. The paver coating resists heat transmission, and resists chemicals with pH range of 2-11. The paver coating will not peel, crack or flake – it is chemically bonded to the surface.

The surface is easy to clean with just mild soap and water.

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