Solar Water Heating for Home or Pools by Broward Solar

Solar Water Heating by Broward SolarCovering Broward, Palm Beach, Martin & Port St Lucie

Solar energy. It’s clean. It’s free. We have an endless supply.  And it’s never been more economical than it is right now. Summer is coming!

Our Water Heating Services Include:

  • Solar Pool Heating: Get the most out of your pool investment with free solar energy.  Enjoy your pool 10-11 months a year!
  • Solar Hot Water Heating: Solar hot water systems can provide you with up to 95% of your hot water needs.  With a 30% Federal tax credit and $1000 state rebate, this is a borderline “no brainer”.  Reduce our dependance on foreign oil.
  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump Pool Heaters: Not one type of pool heater is right for every situation.  Heat pumps will heat your pool for less than half the cost of propane gas.  Reduce your co2 emissions.

Senior couple swimming togetherRequest a Free Estimate for a Solar Pool Heater or Solar Water Heater from the professionals of Broward Solar:

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