Facebook and your privacy

This week has been full of drama, especially from Facebook.

This privacy issue has many wondering what to do. You have choices.

  1. Continue using it the way you have and not worry about your privacy
  2. Make some changes in your Facebook account to control your privacy and be more careful on what you like, comment or post.
  3. Delete your Facebook account

“Remember we aren’t the customers we are the product.”

I read a good article on Facebook Privacy and how to control it.

“How to see all the apps tracking you on Facebook — and block them”  by Jim Edwards

If you just want a little more privacy on Facebook, then do some cleaning, you’ll want to visit Facebook’s App page under the Settings menu. You can find how many apps you have connected to your account.  You can remove apps you do not use at the top of the page or disable all of them via Apps, Website and Plugins > Edit.

If you are fed up with Facebook, you can delete your account:

How to delete or deactive your Facebook

“It may take up to 90 days to delete all of the things you’ve posted, like photos, status updates or other data stored in backup systems.

It’s unclear whether third-party apps will still have access to the data after your account has been permanently deleted. I bet they downloaded your info and are storing it on their own servers.

Facebook users can also deactivate accounts in case they want to access them again. The deactivation option can be found in the Settings > General menu under Manage Account > Edit.

If you’re afraid of losing content you’ve posted on Facebook over the years, such as photos or statuses, you can back it up  via Settings > General > Download a copy of your Facebook data

Just remember one thing when using Facebook, it remembers everything you do.
If you use any emojis (Likes), Facebook remembers it.
If you comment on a post, Facebook remembers it.
If you click on it, Facebook remembers it.

So if you want to mess with Facebook, click on everything, or do not click on anything. Avoid opening all sponsor ads. Avoid all political discussions.

Facebook is a tool, use it for your own advantage to stay in touch with friends and family. Do not post personal things you do not wish to share with the universe. If you have something private to talk about – use the phone. Just my humble opinion…