Eco Flooring Products by Eco Simplista

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EcoSimplista offers a wide variety of Eco-Floor floor products with different stamp styles, colors, natural and random looking flooring products

Eco Flooring Products

  • Bag Mixes for Flooring Finishes – Surecrete – DeccoFloor – Ecoprocote Deco-Poz
  • Colors/Stains/Dyes
    Eco-friendly bio-based decorative concrete stains are the hottest trend in high performance alternative flooring options
  • Efflorescence
    NewLook EffLock Efflorescence Remover incorporates a blend of synthetic acids and surfactants that are particularly effective at removing efflorescence, calcium carbonate, lime and scale lime off of masonry, concrete, and metal surfaces.
  • Flooring Epoxy Systems
    A fast-setting, top coating used to protect, seal and waterproof concrete surfaces from abrasion, water, oils, strong acids and many organic or inorganic solvents.
  • Flooring Equipment
    From rollers ot trowels, EcoSimplista has the right tool to do that Flooring job!
  • Flooring Sealers
    Offering a wide range of sealing products for asphalt, particle board, plywood, processed wood and porous concrete
  • Stamps for Flooring
    Offering a wide variety of stamps to creat the perfect flooring look!
  • Products for Flooring Surface Prep
    Primers, Moisture Barriers, basecoats and much more. We carry the earth friendly products to create that quality floor look
  • Non-skid Flooring Surface applications
    Safe and effective non-skid products like – Ecoprocote Eco-Tuff Rubberized Non-Skid Safety Coating & Surecrete SureFinish Floor Protection Coating
  • Polished Concrete Systems
    EcoSimplista has the Scofield Formula One product line for your polished concrete solutions

As Florida’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly building supplies and home solutions, the mission of Eco Simplista is quite simple. We believe the use of non-toxic, sustainable products and services will update and enhance your home, while bettering our world. For us home design is a combination of functionality, style and endurance, combined with a moral, social and environmental responsibility. At Eco Simplista design is about creating solutions from natural elements. Eco Simplista is here to help you to live, create, and innovate an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

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