Custom Painted Functional Art Work – Colors by Sherri

Colors by Sherri is a an artist that creates custom hand painted art on wood furniture, clay pots, hats, vases and so much more. Maybe it’s a brand new item like an unfinished  wooden chair, or an old family rocking chair. Sherri can customize it to give it a new look and in the process make it a unique hand crafted work of art.

Custom painted art work - Colors by SherriA Little Mosaic TableSherri’s uses patterns and designs that are cheerful and fun.

  • Custom painted art work
  • Fun colorful hand painted art
  • Funky unique recycled items that can use a new fresh look
  • Recycled furniture, boxes, picture frames
  • Unique gifts

What products does Sherri work with?
New and recycled products, Hats, Visors, kids chairs, rocking chairs, clay pots, picture frames, cork boards, garbage cans for bath or dorm, step stools, side tables, jewelry boxes, book shelves, wine racks and much more

  • High Quality paints and finishes
  • Finished with a High Gloss Coating
  • The painting performed is detailed and completely finished.
  • The backs are finished as well.

Looking for a unique customized gift or a conversation piece?
Contact Sherri at:

Custom painted furniture

Fun colorful hand painted furniture