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Black is the Monarch of Colors - Personal Color Analysis byFerial Image Consultants Black is the one color that just cannot be avoided and it is considered to be the monarch of colors. Black will never go out of style and at times there is no substitute. Yes black should be a color that looks great on everyone, but that isn’t the case. Below you will find some rules that you can apply which can help make it a great color for everyone. Black has always been a high fashion color and it seems to be trapped at the top of the list forever.

If you are not one of the lucky ones to wear it well, relax there is hope for you to look like it was made just for you.

  • Keep the black away from your face. Chosen from your swatch, you can add a contrasting color close to your face or to an accessory to help brighten you up.
  • Makeup is a must for any occasion. When you wear black you may want to wear brighter makeup to keep from looking depressed and gloomy. If you are over 50 avoid dark eyeliner, stick with a lighter mascara such as brown or black/brown and brighten your face with blush and lipstick.
  • Show more skin. Many black dresses have scoop or V-necks which pull the black color away from your face and it often reveals some cleavage. For most women this is a very flattering look and for those who do not have black in their swatch it works wonders.
  • Wear big bright jewellery. A necklace and earrings in a bright color such as turquoise or ruby will add enough contrast to offset the black.
  • Metallic threads add dimension and allow for more adaptability for those who cannot wear solid black.
  • Whether solid black is your best color or not, you will always look more interesting by using contrast. You will also reveal more about your personality and your mood.

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