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Blonder Tongue Laboratories | | South Florida Business World

Blonder Tongue Laboratories by AMT.com

Advanced Media Technologies® - the performance leader among CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Providers

AMT presents: Blonder Tongue Laboratories for Modulators, Processors, Demodulators, Distribution Amplifiers, Taps, Passives, and QPSK to QAM Transcoder in the CATV and Broadband Industries

Blonder Tongue AD-1 Series
The Blonder Tongue AD-1 is a professional quality, agile audio/video demodulator.

Blonder Tongue AM SERIES
The Blonder Tongue AM Series includes professional quality, agile audio/video modulators equipped with the Emergency Alert System (EAS) feature, which can also be used as an alternate IF input.

Blonder Tongue AMCM-860
The Blonder Tongue AMCM-860 is a frequency-agile stereo analog audio/video modulator available in NTSC channels 2-135 (54-860 MHz). Models are available in both stereo and mono audio inputs.

Blonder Tongue AP SERIES
The Blonder Tongue AP Series includes professional quality, agile heterodyne processors equipped with the Emergency Alert System (EAS) feature, which can also be used as an alternate IF input.

Blonder Tongue HE-12 & HE-4
The Blonde Tongue HE-12 and HE-4 are professional quality, modular headend systems, designed to maximize rack space.

Blonder Tongue RMDA SERIES
The Blonder Tongue RMDA Series of professional quality, broadband, rackmounted hybrid distribution amplifiers are designed for RFdistribution systems, such as apartment complexes, hospitals,schools, prisons, hotels, and a wide variety of similar applications.

Blonder Tongue CS-CMTS
The Blonder Tongue CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) conceptually converts Ethernet based digital data signals to RF signals and vice versa, allowing two-way transmission of digital data over coaxial cable or HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) networks.

Blonder Tongue QT SERIES
The Blonder Tongue QT Series (QAM Transcoder for DISH Network) is the latest Blonder Tongue Transcoder product and it features the ultimate combination of optimum balance of price per channel and top notch performance and functionality.

Blonder Tongue DHDP Series
The Blonder Tongue DHDP Series (Digital High Definition Television Processor) is a two-unit system consisting of a Downconverter unit which acts as the input section and an Upconverter unit which acts as the output section

Blonder Tongue AQD
The Blonder Tongue AQD converts ATSC or QAM Digital Signals to NTSC Analog Signals with the AQD. Digital Television has arrived.

Blonder Tongue BIDA Series
The Blonder Tongue BIDA 5400 Series are professional quality, broadband, two-way capable, indoor hybrid distribution amplifiers.

Blonder Tongue HDE-CHV-QAM
The Blonder Tongue HDE-CHV-QAM (MPEG-2 HD Encoder)- 1xComponent/HDMI/VGA/Composite- 1xQAM) accepts one (1) high-definition (HD) program from any of the following inputs: 1xComponent, 1xHDMI (unencrypted), 1xVGA, and 1xComposite. MPEG-2 encoded outputs are available in the following formats simultaneously: 1xQAM, 1xASI, and 1xIP (10/100Base-T Ethernet).

Blonder Tongue AQM
The Blonder Tongue AQM is designed to accept an MPEG- 2 ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) digital transport stream and modulate it into a QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) signal.

Blonder Tongue FIBT/MIBT
The Blonder Tongue FIBT-S3A and MIBT-S3A Series (Fiber Optic VSB/AM Transmitter) of transmitters provides a robust system for transferring broadband CATV signals over single mode optical fibers.

Blonder Tongue FRDA
The Blonder Tongue FRDA is a fiber optic receiver module integrated with a broadband distribution amplifier (BIDA).

Blonder Tongue FRRA
The Blonder Tongue FRRA is a fiber optic receiver module and distribution amplifier integrated with a rack mounted broadband distribution amplifier (RMDA).

Blonder Tongue ASI-4
The Blonder Tongue ASI-4 is a 1:4 active ASI splitter. It is designed to complement digital headend products that can utilize an ASI input for EAS (Emergency Alert System) applications, or any application requiring splitting of an ASI signal.

Blonder Tongue MICM Series
The Blonder Tongue MICM series of products are fixed-channel analog audio/video modulators

Blonder Tongue ACM-806
The Blonder Tongue ACM-806 is a frequency-agile analog audio/video modulator suitable for NTSC channels 2-125 (54-806 MHz).

Blonder Tongue AP-60-860A
The Blonder Tongue AP-60-860A (Agile Digital/Analog Processor)

Blonder Tongue DAP
The Blonder Tongue Digital to Analog Processor (DAP) is a complete single channel solution for delivering digital television programming over existing analog networks

Blonder Tongue AQT
The Blonder Tongue AQT Transcoder is a modular unit that receives either an 8VSB (Off-air Digital) or QAM (CATV Digital) signal, and transcodes it to any CATV QAM channel.

Blonder Tongue DAP
The Blonder Tongue DAP (Digital/Analog Processor) accepts one input in 8VSB (digital off-air) or QAM (digital cable) format, and delivers one output in modulated analog RF format.

Blonder Tongue DGS/DGT Series Digital Ready Splitters
The Blonder Tongue DGS/DGT Series Digital Ready Splitter

Blonder Tongue DQMx Series
The Blonder Tongue DQMx (Digital QAM Multiplexer) accepts up to four inputs in ASI, 8VSB, and QAM formats, and delivers one output in QAM format in the 54-864 MHz range

Blonder Tongue DAP Plus Series
The Blonder Tongue Digital to Analog Processor Plus (DAP Plus # 6295) is a complete single channel solution for delivering digital television programming over existing analog networks

Blonder Tongue – FOC
The Blonder Tongue Fiber Optic Couplers (FOC) Series of optical couplers are used to split 1310 & 1550 nm light sources, with minimal loss

Blonder Tongue DVS-400
The Blonder Tongue DVS-400 is a video server designed to be a “Digital TV Station-In-A-Box” broadcasting system.

Blonder Tongue MDDA-860
The Blonder Tongue MDDA-860 is a digital demodulator and transcoder that receives one input in ATSC 8VSB (digital off-air) or clear QAM (digital cable) format and delivers one output in ASI format.

Blonder Tongue AM-60-860 SAP
The Blonder Tongue AM-60-860 SAP Stereo/SAP Agile Modulator is an analog audio/video modulator equipped with a stereo primary audio and a SAP (Secondary Audio Program) input.

Blonder Tongue SD10E-QAM & AV10E-QAM
The Blonder Tongue SD10E-QAM (SD Encoder – QAM) accepts & auto-detects up to ten (10) inputs in SD (480i) and NTSC baseband Audio/Video formats.

Blonder Tongue Headend Management System (HEMS)
The Blonder Tongue HEMS (Headend Management System) is designed to be integrated into existing and new DSS headend installations.

Blonder Tongue MDDM-860
The Blonder Tongue MDDM-860 is a digital demodulator and decoder that receives one input in ATSC 8VSB (digital off-air) or clear QAM (digital cable) format and delivers one NTSC composite analog video and stereo audio output.

Blonder Tongue OC Series
The Blonder Tongue OC Series are professional quality, passive output combiners.

Blonder Tongue MAVM Series
The Blonder Tongue MAVM Series are professional quality, channelized agile, heterodyne audio/video modulators.

Blonder Tongue ACA Series
The Blonder Tongue ACA Series are indoor broadband distribution amplifiers designed to be used in RF distribution systems such as those for apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, prisons, and hotels.

Blonder Tongue MIDM
The Blonder Tongue MIDM is a professional quality agile audio/video demodulator and is intended for both CATV and VHF & UHF applications.

Blonder Tongue AQP
The Blonder Tongue AQP (ATSC/QAM Processor) accepts one input in 8VSB (digital off-air) or QAM (digital cable) format, including the sub-band QAM input channels T7 to T13, and delivers one output in QAM format in the 54-864 MHz range.AQP can be utilized in a remote headend to regenerate a clean QAM channel from a degraded one.

Blonder Tongue AD-1
The Blonder Tongue AD-1 is a professional quality, agile audio/video demodulator.

Blonder Tongue BTY Series
The Blonder Tongue BTY Series of professional quality antennas include single channel and broadband models designed for a variety of UHF and VHF applications.

Blonder Tongue CMA Series
The Blonder Tongue CMA Broadband Preamplifier Series includes professional quality, low noise. broadband VHF & UHF preamplifiers.

Blonder Tongue CMA-b & SCMA-Ub Series
The Blonder Tongue CMA-b and SCMA-Ub Single Channel Preamplifier Series are professional quality, very low noise, single channel VHF/F< and UHF preamplifiers.

Blonder Tongue PS Series
The Blonder Tongue PS-1526 and PS-1536 are professional quality, DC power supplies designed to power SCMA and CMA Series antenna preamplifiers.

Blonder Tongue HDE-ASI
The Blonder Tongue HDE-ASI (HD Encoder-SDI) accepts & auto-detects input streams in HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and analog NTSC formats, and delivers one HD/SD MPEG-2 encoded output in ASI format.

Blonder Tongue OCA Series
The Blonder Tongue OCA Series are professional quality, amplified output combiners

Blonder Tongue BAVM-860SAW
The Blonder Tongue BAVM-860SAW is an economical commercial quality TV modulator.

Blonder Tpngue HDE-4S-QAM
The Blonder Tongue HDE-4S-QAM (MPEG-2 HD Encoder- 4xHD-SDI/4xComponent- 4xQAM) accepts up to four (4) high-definition (HD) programs

Blonder Tongue HDE-CSV-QAM
The Blonder Tongue HDE-CSV-QAM (MPEG-2 HD Encoder 1xComponent/HD-SDI/HDMI/VGA/Composite -1xQAM) accepts one (1) high-definition (HD) program

Blonder Tongue EQAM-420A
The Blonder Tongue EQAM-420A (EdgeQAM-420A) is designed to allow CATV operators to aggregate multiple SDTV/HDTV programs received in IP format and to deliver them over a standard coaxial distribution network.

Blonder Tongue BTPRO-1000
The Blonder Tongue BTPRO-1000 is a versatile CATV test instrument for measuring both digital and analog CATV and Broadcast TV signals.

Blonder Tongue HDE-2H/2S-QAM
The Blonder Tongue HDE-2H/2S-QAM (MPEG-2 HD Encoder-2xHDMI/2xHD-SDI/4xComponent-4xQAM) accepts up to four (4) high-definition (HD) programs

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT) is the performance leader among CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Providers. As a value added reseller of high performance products from numerous well known manufacturers, AMT targets emerging technology applications in broadband with a complete line of RF and fiber distribution, video, data, IP, and HDTV products.

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