2012 Coconut Grove Art Festival

Photos by Lee Smith

Coconut Grove Artshow - 2012 Coconut Grove Artshow - 2012

I got up early Saturday morning and drove down to Coconut Grove. It was before dawn so I could take a few early morning photos of sailboat and other vessels on the calm water. The light was good and I took plenty of photos.

The Festival did not open till 10am, so we visited our friends and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. We were having so much fun, we lost track time while the festival opened.

We left our car at their house and got a short ride to the festival. There is plenty of walking to do, so we saved about a half a mile walk.

The Festival was fun and there was plenty to see & eat. The colors, creativity, food, photos, artwork, sculptures, paintings, and much more – made this an adventurous day. From small inexpensive items to very expensive pieces that could belong in a museum  – It was well worth the time.

Most of all I had fun taking some photos…