South Florida Drone Photography

Do you need aerial views of your property or business in South Florida? Expert Stills, Videos, Video Editing

Do you need aerial views of your property or business?

  • Expert Stills
  • Videos
  • Video Editing
  • My company offers FAA certified drone services in the South Florida area.
  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate (registered drone pilot) – Part 107 Small UAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Certification
  • Drones are registered with the FAA with a Small UAS Certificate of Registration
  • Started flying drones in 2018
  • TRUST – The Recreational UAS Safety Test – Completion Certificate
  • LAANC Night Operations Certificate – Part 107 Small UAS Recurrent Non-Part 61 Pilots – Course Number ALC-677

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Panama Real Estate For Sale – The Panama Collection

The Panama Collection - lot_map_panama_real_estatePanama is one of the fastest growing property and investment opportunities in the world. While the real estate in Panama offers tremendous value – it is the low cost of living that really attracts people to Panama. Panama’s pristine beauty, near-perfect weather, friendly locals, world-class fishing and outdoor activities makes owning land in Panama an excellent choice.

Ocean Ridge Estates is located on the western slope of the Azuero Peninsula, and is possibly the only mini-ranch project in Panama, with estate lots ranging from 4 – 12 acres. When you purchase land in Panama, you have many more creative options on how to use your property. You can stable horses, grow large fruit orchards and/or gardens, put in walking trails, extensive landscaping, etc. You will also have a level of privacy that is far superior to projects offering smaller lots.

After searching high and low, The Panama Collection selected Ocean Ridge Estates for its pristine natural beauty and ideal location. Located just 1 hour from Santiago and 3 ½ hours from Panama City it is perfect for retirement and investment real estate.

Some of our many property features include:

  • 3-12 Acre Mini Ranches
  • Prime building sites
  • Good roads
  • Running water and electricity
  • Riverfront lots
  • Oceanviews
  • Privacy
  • Exotic wildlife

Ocean Ridge Estates has many nearby amenities:

  • Westerly views of the Pacific Ocean
  • A 24 hour clinic with a doctor always on staff 15 minutes away
  • Gas station
  • Grocery markets
  • New hotel (20 minutes driving)

ThePanamaCollection2Ocean Ridge Estates is picture perfect, bordered to the north by the Rio Negro (Black River), mountain views in all directions, and the Pacific Ocean four miles to the west.

Panama Real Estate For Sale by The Panama Collection
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Or Contact us on line at:

Ocean Ridge Estates by The Panama Collection Sold Lot #2!!!

Hello future neighbors in five different countries, and welcome to the latest greatest issue of The Ocean Ridge Report. This newsletter is getting so popular that Donald Trump offered to buy me out, so he could start charging a heavy fee to all you readers out there. Don’t worry – I told The Donald to take a hike. Okay, seriously now – the project keeps growing, so let’s meet the new neighbors:

Rob and Joan1) More Florida people. Say hola to Rob and Joan Spering, proud owners of lot 2 (photo). Originally from Pennsylvania, they now live in central Florida, just north of Orlando. Rob has a company that’s involved in the printing business, and Joan works in a seminary. The plan is to semi-retire in about three years, and split their time between Panama and Florida. With five kids and eight grandkids, I predict that they’ll have plenty of visitors.

Leo's house2) Houses everywhere. Tom and Stephanie’s house of lot 7 is steadily nearing completion, Leo and Willy’s guesthouse on 14 is about finished, and Pieter and Joka’s guesthouse on 4 looks great after just three weeks (photos). Yvette on lot 15 is next in line; we should be starting her house before the end of March. Looks like we might actually have some neighbors within the next year or two – won’t that be fun?

Pieter's house3) Residency update. Like I’ve said in past newsletters, establishing residency in Panama doesn’t need to be a top priority at first, because you can live here as long as you want without ever becoming a resident.

However, I thought it might be a good idea for me to go ahead and establish residency here in Panama, if for no other reason than to be able to help our neighbors do the same thing if and when they want. After some research, I think I found the best attorney in Panama for getting this done – thanks to Bob and Annie (lot 10) for giving me the original lead. Her name is Rainelda Mata-Kelly in Panama City; she is primarily an immigration attorney who has done “hundreds and hundreds” of residency applications for foreigners around the world. Her fee is around $3300 – a little high, but my theory has always been that it’s worth paying a little more for the best. I started the process in February, and it should take 4-6 months.

Coco kiss Loco kissThat’s it for now in Paradise. Patricia sends out kisses to everybody, starting with Loco and Coco !

Be safe out there – it’s a crazy world
Jay and Patricia