ARRIS E6000 Converged Edge Router (CER) by AMT

The ARRIS E6000 Converged Edge Router (CER) is a next-generation CCAP-ready platform that provides cable operators unprecedented advances in channel density, power efficiency, and cost savings in a redundant, integrated architecture designed from the ground up for high availability. Operators deploy the E6000 today as a dense, high-availability CMTS for data and voice services. ARRIS will deliver a series of software upgrades beginning in early 2015 that will provide for Integrated Edge QAM (IEQ) functionality with today’s E6000 CER hardware. The E6000 CER software is based on that of the C4 CMTS, meaning that the E6000 benefits from over ten years of refinements in stability, hitless failover, and performance at high scale. This software re-use also provides the E6000 CER with a proven set of features for IPv6. No other CCAP-ready platform today enjoys a proven software code base for these critical functional areas.

• Enhanced Scaling
• 32 Annex B / 24 Annex A QAMs per F
• Extended modem Tx power for USCB
• Dual Shared Secret
• Enhanced USCB Scaling per CAM
• Integrated Service Class Agility
• Dynamic Service Class Modifications
• IPv6 PCMM for Voice Services
• Upstream Drop Classifier Support
• Support for Modem Loss of AC Power
• Improved Partial Service
• PBR Recursive Next Hop
• DSG Reset to Null
• TCS Optimization for Static Upstream Bonding Groups
• Multi-tuner Cable Modem Support

• IS-IS Point-to-Point Adjacencies
• IS-IS Dynamic Hostname Support
• RADIUS Authentication
• CM Status SOOR Handling
• Annex A Mixed 256 QAM / 64 QAM per F Connector
• Automated Hitless Patching
• Load Balancing via SNMP MIB
• UCAM Hitless Sparing Expansion to 6+1
• MP-BGP + IPv6 Address Family
• Secure NTP
• Intelligent Channel Optimizer (ICO) Support
• Copy FTP Source IP on Same Command Line
• IPv6 Route Scaling Enhancement
• Intelligent RCS Assignment/Balancing Control

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