What’s Blocking Your Well-Being?

Thrive in Therapy Counseling Services, Inc. - Rinda Rosenberg, LMHCFrom the Outside Looking In

You’ve got this vague, nagging sense of emptiness that you’re determined to get to the bottom of. You’ve read self-help books, did exercises, learned a lot – yet, you still feel on the outside looking in. There is a disconnect – as if you are missing something that’s hard to name. Part of you thinks if you keep trying hard enough you’ll find what it is. Another part is giving up hope, thinking you’ll never find it. If this describes you, you’re not missing anything; you’re just moving on from learning and are ready to begin doing what it takes to find what you are seeking.  What feels missing is readily available; it was neglected early on and got buried through no fault of your own by the ways you got your needs met.   These ways feel “right,” they are all you’ve known, but they now get in your way. What you’ve got to do is get familiar with these strategies and then set them aside and you will access what’s missing right away.

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