National Sealing has a Proprietary Non Slip Application

National Sealing has a proprietary non slip application and mobilizes throughout the US and abroad with our durable anti slip process. No other coating process can claim the unique product features and benefits that National Sealing’s coating offers. A coating that will withstand the damaging effects of chemical abuse, abrasion, and ablation, intense heat, ultra-violet light exposures and corrosive degradation.

This is an example of a 5 star hotel that recently renovated. The high end Presidential Suite had porcelain tile that was very slippery. National Sealing was contracted to provide our proprietary non slip application.

National Sealing has a proprietary non slip application National Sealing has a proprietary non slip application National Sealing has a proprietary non slip application There are two components to a non slip application. The first component is what material is being used to adhere to the substrate. Common ‘sealers’ will not adhere to surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, VCT and various other surfaces. All sealers are temporary and typically will last 1-2 years. National Sealing uses a 3 part ‘coating’ process vs. sealer. Our durable coating is mixed on site, and had hardeners that allow our coating to ‘grip’ to various surfaces that a sealer cannot.

The second phase of an anti slip application is; what media is used as an aggregate to create the non slip profile. A novice applicator would use over the counter products made of very light, brittle silica. Others attempt common play sand. Whereas these aggregates will create a non slip profile, due to the soft materials, they are VERY temporary. The tops of the imbedded media wear out, become shaved off. Re-application then becomes an issue when using the sealer/light aggregate method as layering sealers is not advised. The sealers can dislodge, flake, peel. Each subsequent layer becomes less stable. This creates another future problem of then having to strip the brittle layers of Sealers. National Sealing specializes in non slip applications and has durable nano beads manufactured exclusively for National Sealing. These durable beads compliment our durable three part coating to provide a non slip application unmatched by any company in the U.S.A.

  • Three part coating process versus mono – component sealer for durable adhesion to challenging surfaces
  • Common sealers needing constant re-application. Coating process much more durable
  • Durable non slip media for long term anti slip protection compared to brittle over-the-counter non slip additives.

There exists no other company in the US that has access to, or applies our coatings other than National Sealing’s trained applicators.

National Sealing Company specializes in commercial properties that are exposed to high pedestrian traffic and therefore exposed to litigation. Typically the cost of our application is less than what the attorney’s fee would be aside from what damages are awarded. Our durable non slip application is the most prudent and durable anti slip application that exists. The legal position could then be the establishment has done everything humanly possible to insure proper footing. National Sealing has demonstrated great success with condominiums, hotels, stadiums, office buildings, and municipalities, in protecting those businesses from possible litigation.

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