Cleaning & Sealing Bare Cement – Commercial Parking Garages

A condo had badly stained parking garage. The cement surface had never been sealed. Typical (3K – 4K PSI) pressure washing equipment would not make any impact on these types of stains. National Sealing Co. was selected to clean this area due to our advanced cleaning equipment. The equipment used produces 7K – 8K PSI.

Once cleaned, we offer various choices for sealing protection. The first level would be a common sealer typically used for paver protection. Sealers are of course better than not sealing, however, areas exposed to this type of constant staining and high traffic would require our durable coating process. Depending upon the goal and budget, our solutions can offer added durability as well as longevity for various surfaces.

Clean concrete stains and beautify the cement parking areas for Parking Garages, Parking Lots, and other high traffic cement surfaces.

National Sealing Co are experts in cleaning & sealing bare cement primarily for parking garages and high traffic areas.

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