Ocean Ridge Newsletter January 2015 – Panama

by The Panama Collection

Hello Ocean Ridge people (and honored family and friends);

This isn’t really a full blown newsletter, but I thought you might like some recent photos so you can see how the project is taking off.  First let’s start with the houses:

We just started on our seventh house, for Betty on lot 8. It was just started two weeks ago, and already the foundation is taking shape (photo below).  Hopefully Betty will be moving down from Texas later this year, and providing free dental care for all of her neighbors (okay, I’m kidding!). Yvette’s house on lot 15 is almost complete, and hopefully she also will be moving down sometime this year (photo below). Yvette, your wrap-around porch is getting rave reviews from everybody who sees it. Leo and Willy came in to visit, and did some major clearing around their guesthouse (photo below). Now they have fabulous views in all directions. Meanwhile Bob and Annie on lot 10 are right on schedule to finish their house in a few months (photo below). You might want to check out Annie’s interesting blog, which describes their life in Panama – it’s well done and quite entertaining (panmaniacs.wordpress.com).

Since smelling the roses is one of the core principles here in Paradise, there have been a number of pool gatherings in the last few weeks. Here is a typical afternoon with Leo, Willie, Bob and Annie (photo below). For those of you planning on a pool (which you all should be), we have found that the water temperature year-round is between 81 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit – cool, refreshing and perfect.

We continue to have new visitors from Mother Nature. For those of you who haven’t seen the pics, we have a couple of coatis that come around occasionally and mingle with the agoutis (2 photos below). When you come down you’ll have to learn all the names of the weird animals around here. Coco the squirrel has returned after a six month absence (photo below), and Loco and Twinky say hello to everybody (photo).

Last but not least (for those of you who care), the fishing/spearfishing continues to be outstanding (3 photos below). Last year was probably the best dorado year we’ve ever had, and when my brother Scott visited over the holidays I introduced him to spearfishing. Okay, I’ll say it – big brother big fish, little brother little fish……..  🙂

That’s it for now; here’s hoping that everybody out there has a fabulous 2015.

Jay and Patricia