Order Filet Mignon Steaks For the Holidays

Order Filet Mignon Steaks For the Holidays from Gourmet At Your Door in South FloridaOrder Filet Mignon Steaks For the Holidays

Gourmet At Your Door’s Filet Mignon Steaks are:

  •     Full 8 Ounces
  •     USDA Top Tier Choice Grade
  •     Hand trimmed
  •     Center cut
  •     Aged for 28 days for maximum tenderness and flavor

Gourmet At Your Door’s 8 oz  Filet Mignon Steaks are the Rolls Royce of Steaks. Each 8 oz  Filet Mignon Steak are mouth watering and delicious every time you order.

Packaged in 10 separate (8oz.) steaks and vacuumed sealed – great for storage and easy handling.

Buy Filet Mignon Online Today and Gourmet At Your Door will deliver a steak your family won’t soon forget!


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