Motorola DTA100 Digital Transport Adapter by AMT



The Motorola DTA100 Digital Transport Adapter gives service providers a cost-effective means of realizing the benefits of an all-digital network.

The DTA100 makes it possible for video service subscribers to keep watching their analog TVs even when connected to an all-digital cable network this allows the service provider to recover analog bandwidth in order to launch additional, enhanced digital services such as HDTV.

Consistent with the current analog subscriber’s experience, the Motorola DTA100 features unidirectional functionality, a single in-band tuner, standard definition decoding capabilities and a basic user interface for accessing one-way digital services.

DTA100 Features:

  • Single 54 to 864 MHz all-digital tuner
  • Full inband
  • DSM-CC support for code download
  • One-way device
  • Front panel IR receiver and power LED
  • RF remod output
  • RF remod channel 3/4 switch
  • External IR input
  • External high-efficiency power supply
  • Basic user interface
  • Channel number and call-sign display
  • Volume/mute status

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