DSR4410MD Satellite Multiplex Decrypter by Motorola

Motorola DSR-4410MD Satellite Multiplex Decrypter from AMTThe DSR4410MD is a powerful digital headend product capable of the simultaneous decryption of up to 64 services. With advanced modulation support, the DSR-4410MD can output a full transport multiplex with both MPEG-2 and/or MPEG-4 services at an information rate of up to 160 Mbps.

It comes equipped with industry-standard interfaces, such as dual ASI outputs, that enable seamless connection to headend equipment.

The DSR4410MD offers local monitoring of a single service and the ability to step through the authorization and encryption state of each service.


  • DigiCipher® II conditional access control
  • Concurrent decryption of up to 64 services, each service may include video, multiple audio channels and data
  • Stackable 1 RU chassis design
  • Dual L-Band input ports
  • Supports both C-band and Ku-band
  • Advanced modulation support for 8PSK Turbo and DVB-S2
  • ASI input
  • Dual ASI and Gig-E transport output with selectable rates
  • 10/100 Base T Ethernet port for SNMP monitoring and control
  • IP datacasting output
  • Outputs NTSC video and analog audio for local monitoring
  • Form-C relay for fault signaling
  • Background software download capabilities

DSR4410MD Satellite Multiplex Decrypter by Motorola

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