by Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong (China)

3 Treasures Healing - Learn Medical QiQong Healing with Lisa VanOstrandThis article appeared in NEW LIFE  MAY-JUNE 2008 Issue and is by By Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D.  I wanted to include this on my blog as I often think chemotherapy is not the best option for clients with strong immune system and cancer that has not metastasized.  What is required is a complete life style change.  As Jeffrey Yuen, has repeatedly said “the consciousness that created the illness, is not the consciousness that can cure it”.  The people that I have known that have cured cancer have completely devoted their life to curing it, 24-7.  Regardless of the clients choice on chemotherapy, I support all clients in making the decisions that they and their family feel most comfortable with.

Most men and women reading this article have a good command of the English (American) language.  Even people whose own American language is their second language communicate quite well most of the time. For the most part we understand each other.  For example, if I were to ask you a simple question, such as, “What are my chances of seeing you tomorrow at twelve noon?”  Most of us, both native and foreign-born people, could understand and communicate a reasonable response to the question.

With orthodox drug medical doctors we have a completely different set of circumstances.  You may have noticed few of them speak the American language.  They have a gobblygoop language all of their own that is impossible for middle class America to clearly understand.  Worst of all it may even be designed so we don’t understand.

For example:  Prior to agreeing to begin the most toxic, dangerous, life sapping, medical treatment known to mankind, known as chemotherapy, most intelligent people usually ask, “Doctor, if I start on chemotherapy what are my chances?”

This is certainly a reasonable question communicated in the American language.  Under the circumstances the question deserves a clear, cogent, unambivalent answer in the language that we speak.It is my opinion that one of the rudest things a person can do when they understand the American language is to speak to you in a foreign tongue.

This is exactly what the orthodox drug medicine profession has gotten away with for 100 years.  It is dangerous to life’s decisions and even life itself.  It’s time we the people put an end to it.

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