The Atoll – Matheson Hammock

Matheson Hammock Park and Beach in Miami, FL
The Atoll - Matheson Hammock Park and Beach in Miami, FL

It was a stormy morning. Very overcast skies. I arrived at Matheson around 6:00am and sunrise was at 7:00am. I had already planned the locations where I wanted to shoot from the night before using Google Maps. The tough part was figuring out the long exposures. One minute was too short, the images came out very dark, 1.5 minutes were better, but still dark, and finally the 2 min mark seemed about right. I took a series of shots around the atoll – keeping a watchful eye on the storm clouds to the north of me. It seemed the wind was blowing from that direction. I moved quickly to enjoy the darkness and slowly glowing horizon. I had a great time.

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