South Florida Qi Healings or Qi Therapy Sessions

3 Treasures Healing - Learn Medical QiQong Healing with Lisa VanOstrand

  • Brennan Healing Science or Brennan Integration Work based on the techniques of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing
  • Energy medicine healing based on the techniques of Donna Eden
  • Qi Healing and Qigong exercises based on the techniques of Jerry Alan Johnson and the International Institute of Medical Qigong
  • Past life regression and freedom from present issues based on the techniques of Isis and the Clairvision School of Meditation
  • Sessions are 1 hour – In person or long distance


Intensives are held in South Beach, FL. Intensives are designed to:

  • Support those who are chronically ill to create a life style change that can foster wellness
  • Support those who are in any kind of crisis
  • Provide assistance to implement positive life changes

Intensives are 4 days in duration. Each day includes meditation, 2 therapy sessions, 1 healing session and 1 massage session. Additionally, astrological, herbal and medical qigong and/or yoga exercises will be specifically designed to assist the participant in their process and to take this information home so that life style changes can be successfully implemented. Food and board are included.

Please note: that NOT all applicants may be eligible to participate in intensives. An application process is required as well as a personal telephone interview to determine eligibility.

For more information contact Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong (China)
at (786) 512-7096 or Email

3 Treasures Healing
Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong (China)
Dean of Advanced Studies @ Barbara Brennan School of Healing 2000-2007
Core Energetics Therapist, Clairvision Practitioner
Phone: (786) 512-7096

Teaching Medical Qigong & Qigong Energy Healing in the USA with classes in Florida & New York