Looking to share large files & need a Dropbox Alternative? Check out Copy.com

Copy.com - for Cloud based storageI came across an article about a new service called “Copy” that is competing with companies like Dropbox. The way it works – you install a small piece of software on your computer, selecting a special folder to share on your computer/laptop and when files are  placed in that folder, the software will sync both to the cloud and any other computers you install with the Copy application.

Looks like a great way to share huge files and data.

The main reasons to use this service:

  • Your get 15gb of space
  • There are NO file size limits, unlike Dropbox and many other cloud services. I can easily share 2gb files if I wanted. This to me is the best selling point.
  • Its free, you get 15gbs of free space and no file size restrictions. I just signed up…

They have business accounts for those that need larger storage like (250GB or 500GB)
Click this link to sign up:  https://copy.com?r=sL3nle
(We both will get some extra storage for Free!)