How To Create A Protective Energy Field – QiQong

3 Treasures Healing - Learn Medical QiQong Healing with Lisa VanOstrandMany people ask me what they can do to protect themselves from outside influences. This is one of my favorite protective meditations from my Medical Qigong teacher, Dr Jerry Alan Johnson.

This meditation is great to do before beginning your day of healing work or anytime you feel you need extra protection like entering a hospital, subway or airport. Additionally, if you have tendencies to a collapsed, detached or any auric field issues, adding this meditation to your daily routine would be well advised. In my classes, I have people feel each other’s auric field before and after this meditation.

This particular meditation called the Wu Zang protection meditation comes from the Ming Dynasty. In hospitals in China, doctors would perform the meditation before treating patients.  In China, Wu means 5 and Zang means Organs; thus, the meditation is a protection for your 5 organs and also links you to the protective energies of heaven and earth.  Feel the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine linked with the archetypical energies of the animals, directions, colors and spiritual qualities of the organ energies; this will help make the meditation even more powerful for you.


Start by focusing on the center of your body.  Imagine opening up the top of your head and being to pull qi from the heavens.  Imagine the divine light as a bright shining light, filling your entire body through the top of the head.  Imagine this white light energy coalescing into the body’s center core, forming a tube of heavenly energy that extends from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Imagine the following by focusing on each organ, 1 at a time, as described below:

  • Imagine a golden yellow mist of qi arising from under the Earth and filling your body and connecting with the Spleen organ.  Feel this golden light of earth energy envelop your center core of divine white light energy, merging together.  This represents the energy of your intention (yi) to root and stabilize your power.
  • Begin to focus on your heart and imagine a portal opening and the qi flowing out your heart like a red swirling wind in front of you, full of power, protecting you with your spirit (shen) in the form of a fiery red phoenix. The red phoenix represents your innate sprit, alive graceful and powerful.
  • Focus on your back, especially the kidneys. Imagine a portal opening and the qi flowing from the kidney area like water.  From this water grows an enormous black turtle and snake. The shell of the turtle protects you like a might shield, and the snake is poised to attack anyone who approaches from the rear. The turtle represents your ancestral energy, protecting you and supporting you as well as your willpower (zhi) to survive.
  •  Place your attention on your lungs and visualize a portal opening on the right side of your body under the right ribs. Imagine the lung qi flowing out the right side of your body like steam forming a white tiger as strong as steel.  Imagine the tiger with 4 claws and teeth and 5 weapons. The tiger represents the material soul, the body’s animal nature (po); it guards and protects you with an animal passion for survival.
  • Place your attention on the liver and visualize a portal on the left side of your body under the left ribs (the yang energy of liver is energetically on the left). Imagine the liver qi flowing out the left side of your body like steam, forming a green dragon, sinewy and resilient.   Imagine the dragon with 4 claws, teeth and tail to make 6 weapons.  The dragon represents the body’s divine nature (hun), guarding and protecting you with a spiritual passion for victory.

Imagine the animals begin rotating to the left (counterclockwise), each one protecting, stalking and defending the previous animal’s position. Slowly being to circle these archetypical energies and gradually increase their speed until they are spinning faster and faster. As they spin faster and faster and whirl around you, the colors and powers blend together into a cocoon of protective energy.

After forming a protective rainbow energy bubble around your body, draw the energies back in through the crown point (baihui) and return the energy of each organ back to it’s origin. (red to heart, dark blue to the kidneys, green to the liver, and white to the lungs). As the colors return back to their organ of origin, imagine steam flowing up out of the pores and filling up the energy bubble in your auric field created by the animal’s rotations.  This forms a solid connection between the body’s internal organs and the body’s external field of energy.

When the protection of the body with the Five Elements is done.  Imagine the 7 sparkling lights of the Big Dipper shining above your head like diamonds.  The illumination of these 7 sparking stars represent your spiritual connection to the will of heaven.  You can now perform your activities knowing that you are physically, energetically and spiritually protected.

Reference: Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume 3: Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Foundations, Treatment Principles and Clinical Protocols (pages 264-265)

By Professor Jerry Alan Johnson and Class Notes

Lisa VanOstrand is a Doctor of Medical Qigong (China), Dean of Psychology at the International Institute of Medical Qigong, former Dean of Advanced Studies at Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Core Energetic Therapist. She teaches classes in Energy Healing and Qigong at various locations in the US.