Sell Your Florida Business with Russell Cohen

Sell Your Florida Business with Russell Cohen

Before you decide to sell your business, you owe it to yourself to call The Business Sale Specialists. Our highly professional staff is your guarantee that TRANSWORLD will get you the best possible deal when selling your business.

1) Why do I need a business broker or advisor?

The selling of a business is a very complex process. It involves many aspects that most successful business people are not exposed to in the day- to-day operation of a company. Business owners in general do not have the time or knowledge to recognize and understand the complexities of selling their own business.

During the process, the Seller’s job is to do what he does best, which is to run the business as if he were going to keep it. The Broker’s job is to confidentially market the business, find and screen the Buyers, educate them, negotiate the terms of the sale and provide a buffer for the emotional highs and lows that we all experience.

2) Why should I use TRANSWORLD?

Confidentiality, as well as establishing the right selling price, is crucial to the success of the deal. As a business advisor, TRANSWORLD has the ability to maintain your confidentiality, properly research highly qualified buyers, utilize a worldwide network to advertise your business and establish the right selling price.

Let TRANSWORLD do the work for you. We’ll maximize the selling price of your business. Our goal is always to obtain the best deal for each client.

Our service, dedication and drive is your guarantee that if you are prepared to sell your business, we are ready to sell it for you.

3) How is an offer structured?

Most businesses sell for 50% to 75% down. The remainder is financed by the Seller, by a bank or through family resources. Sellers generally prefer to receive all cash at closing and some Buyers are able and willing to accommodate them. However, Buyers are usually trying to get the most bang for their buck and will want to leverage their down payment into the largest business they can buy.

4) What kind of financing is available?

Seller financing is usually the cheapest and easiest to obtain. It also tells the Buyer that the seller has confidence in the business. There are no loan fees and the interest rate is usually lower than the bank rates, but the term of the loan is often shorter. Seller notes make up the majority of Buyer financing.

5) How long does it take to sell a business?

It usually takes longer to sell a business than a house or a commercial building. Because of the confidential nature of a business sale, a business broker cannot put a For Sale sign on the window. The average time to sell a business is usually between six to eighteen months. However, there are exceptions. Some businesses may sell within a month of being put on the market. Others may take several years to attract the right Buyer. A business broker seeks out and talks to Buyers everyday. The next one may be just right for a particular business.

6) How do you advertise a business for sale?

  • We advertise on the Internet using ten different sites
  • We also advertise in the local newspapers, which still generate daily phonecalls.
  • We place ads in journals and publications that target particular industries.
  • We network with members of trade associations such as the International Business Brokers Association and the Florida Business Brokers Association.
  • We also receive referrals from attorneys, accountants, and real estate professionals.

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