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Eco Simplista is Broward’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly green building supplies and home solutions.

Our mission is quite simple. We believe the use of non-toxic, sustainable products and services will update and enhance your home, while bettering our world. For us home design is a combination of functionality, style and endurance, combined with a moral, social and environmental responsibility. At Eco Simplista design is about creating solutions from natural elements. Eco Simplista is here to help you to live, create, and innovate an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Eco Simplista - Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvement CompanyMythic Paint is a non-toxic, ultra low odor paint that provides the durability and coverage you expect from a premium paint without the off-gassing VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying. With over six years of intensive polymer research conducted by the University of Southern Mississippi, this completely revolutionary paint production process improves the latex paint at its core, as opposed to removing toxins from the paint at a later stage – a method practiced by other “green paint? manufacturers that adversely affects their paints performance.

The guaranteed high-performance paint is available in a 1,232-color palette and can also be matched to any competitors color through a proprietary toxin-free coloring system and using MatchRite Color Matching software. David Bromstad, the HGTV star from Color Splash, has even developed two lines of his very own color collections for Mythic Paint.

Mythic Paint does not contain carcinogens, glycols, formaldehyde or other hazardous materials. Stronger, safer, smarter paint. Now that’s a breath of fresh air. In fact, Mythic is so fresh you can even paint while you’re pregnant!

Mythic Classic NON TOXIC ZERO VOC Interior Eggshell LatexStarting at: $16.15

Mythic Classic NON TOXIC ZERO VOC Interior Eggshell LatexOur best selling interior paint. A premium quality coating designed for previously painted or primed plaster, wallboard, masonry and wallpapered surfaces. Ideal for office buildings, hotel rooms and corridors, nursing homes and many other enclosed spaces.

Paint Features:

  • Low odor
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Spatter Resistant
  • Durable, Washable finish
  • Crystalline Silica Free
  • Zero VOC and Zero Carcinogens

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Almost all of the big-box stores are offering items that are labeled “green” but often times the sales person has little or no knowledge of the product, how to use it or what makes it better than another product. Everything that we offer in our store not only have we asked the manufacturer what steps it has taken to make the product less toxic; but in addition we have tested it ourselves!

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