Gourmet At Your Door’s Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steaks - Gourmet At Your Door - Order Steaks Online in South Florida

Gourmet At Your Door’s Flat Iron Steak (some call them Top Blade Steak or Patio Steak) has:

  • heavy marbling (makes them tender)
  • robust beef flavor
  • 12 – (6oz.) filets – visit the site to get the sale price

Our Flat Iron Steak is the same high quality steaks sold in 5 Star Restaurants.

A Flat Iron Steak can be grilled, broiled or pan fried to perfection.

Treat your family or guests to a 5 Star Restaurant meal, served right in your home with our Flat Iron Steaks

Order these high quality Flat Iron Steaks online  and Gourmet At Your Door will deliver right to your door. Order Today!

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